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How to Improve Recovery

By May 15, 20192,091 Comments



Many people believe that working out hard will show the results you are looking for. Though this is true, it is also important that you balance that rest and recovery after your workouts. This fine balance will help you see that improvements and results you have been working for. Here are 6 tips to improve your recovery.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Simple yet effective. Getting sleep is one of the most important tips to follow when you are working out. It is recommended that you give your body 7-8 of sleep every night to ensure that you body gets the rest that it needs to function properly.


Hydration is important before, after, and during your workouts. Water is essential for the body to be efficient. A lack of water can lead to dehydration during workouts. When you work out, you lose the fluids that are in your body. Drinking water can replenish the fluids that you have lost while working out and keep you feeling alert and focused.


Protein is the building block of muscle tissue as well as bones. Protein helps build and repair tissue that is lost or damaged while working out. It is important to consume protein before and after your workout to repair those damaged tissues. Though you can get this protein by buying power bars or protein power, you can still get your protein naturally through your diet. Foods that contain high amount of protein include but are not limited to eggs, almonds, chicken breast, milk, broccoli, and much more.

Active Recovery

Active recovery could be described as a easier or simpler workout then your normal routine. For those days you take off, trade them in for active recovery days. Something like a 30 minute walk is considered active recovery. In active recovery, you are still keeping your muscles loose as well as keeping the blood flowing.


It is important to stretch before and after workouts to help keep your muscles loose and improve blood flow and circulation. Stretching can also reduce your chances of injury which is important when you are working out on a regular basis. When stretching, make sure to hold it for 30 seconds. It is critical not to bounce when stretching because this can lead to injury. You should never feel pain when stretching but if you do that could be a sign of a torn or damaged tissue. If it is painful to stretch, stop and talk to your doctor before continuing exercise.

Foam Roll

Using a foam roll to roll out sore muscles has multiple benefits. The foam roller will clean out the lactic acid that builds up during your workout. This can be described as fluffing the muscles up so it is not so dense. Foam rolling also increases flexibility, balance, and decreases exercise fatigue. It is recommended to foam roll before your workout for five to 10 min. Don’t have a foam roller? Try using a tennis ball. Tennis balls can be used in place of foam rollers and are just as efficient.

These recovery tips will help you avoid injury and stay on your normal workout routine. When you work your body hard when exercising its important to reward your body by letting it rest and making sure it has all the necessary fluids and nutrients to keep it functioning and healthy.