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Dear friends,

It’s been my pleasure connecting with all of you on the Facebook platform. However I will be phasing out and away from it. The past year I’ve removed my contacts down to the people that are family, friends, people I’ve met online and had zoom conversations with, etc. It no longer aligns with my values, virtues, and integrity.

From the political noise of both sides, to cancel culture, and advertisers that are permitted to violate policies. I’ve agreed to this by signing up for under their terms and conditions. Which I no longer agree to therefore I will be departing this platform. This profile will remain up, and I will keep messenger to keep in touch phasing that out in 2022. I’m just done producing content on here, and supplying a platform with data from myself and followers.

bye Facebook

Don’t worry you can find me on the other platforms still!


Yes I realize it’s owned by Facebook, I enjoy connecting with people on there. There’s a bit less noise, photos and reels are fun!


My team and I will be posting more on this platform.

I’ve been on this platform since 2005, I used it for sharing a lot of my snowboard videos. Look for a lot of my digital media with videos on here! I’ll be focusing and putting a ton more content up on here!


Of coarse you can always find me and connect with me on here, or email. If you have my phone number text or call. Also I resound to emails.