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By October 14, 20194,568 Comments

What Makes Wi-Me Snowboards Special


When it comes to manufacturing snowboards, there’s a lot of hefty words being thrown around on who makes the BEST snowboard. Some have gimmicks. Others are focused on the marketing aspect sponsoring the biggest and baddest names in the industry. And then there’s a few stragglers that rest on the nostalgia aspect. At Wi-Me Snowboards, we’re none of those things. Our focus is on making the BEST snowboard possible for the price AND helping the community. In layman’s terms – Passion Meets Purpose!

What Makes Up A Typical Snowboard

Before we jump into what makes Wi-Me Snowboards special, let’s give a quick rundown of what is IN a typical snowboard. Just like a great sandwich, they’re made up of layers. From the bottom, you begin with a base which is the part that touches the snow. This is where you hear terms like extruded or sintered. Just above that layer within the board is a “composite” stratus, usually made up of ERS fiberglass. This is a material that’s used in things like floating paddles for SUP. Then above that layer is the core. Normally, cores are constructed from strips of laminated hardwood that run along the length of the board. Then another sheet of fiberglass is on top of that and finally the topsheet.

The “Secret Sauce” Of What Makes Wi-Me Snowboards Special

Now that you have the basic understanding of the structure, let’s jump into what makes Wi-Me Snowboards special. One of the biggest differentiators to our manufacturing, based on over a decade of R&D, is the addition of a structure just below the topsheet. This diamond pattern of material reduces the positive/negative dampening known as “chatter” at high speeds. We then went one step further and TOTALLY got rid of the ERS fiberglass on the bottom & replaced it with our own proprietary material in partnership with Innegra. We know what you’re thinking… “What the heck is Innegra & why should I care?”

Snowboards Made With NASA Grade Materials

When heading up to space, there’s no room for failure. But as anyone knows, things do get hit or cracked along the way. Well, Innegra’s material is designed so when you do get a crack, that specific spot becomes stronger instead of weaker. Just like breaking a bone, that spot on your snowboard will become stronger. Crazy right?!?

Using Surfing Material For Topsheet

Instead of just living our lives with blinders on, we try and look at other sports, industries, and innovators to see what they’re doing. Always trying to make lighter AND stronger boards, we noticed that the fiberglass/plastic topsheet was heavy AND a stress point. Although we couldn’t fully replace the fiberglass topsheet, we found something called a scrim fabric that’s used in surfboards. By adding this layer, we added more strength but kept the weight down tremendously. The BEST of both worlds!

As snowboard companies focus on bringing back the old school or just spending a lot on marketing, we’ve decided to put it into R&D. So, if you’re looking for the best snowboard AND the biggest bang for your buck, you may want to pick up a Wi-Me Snowboard and GET AWESOME with us.