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September 12th

By September 11, 20191,678 Comments

Every generation has the event that makes time stand still and shakes us to our core. That day for me was 9/11. I remember where I was, with a friend detailing a car, we heard about the 1st tower on the radio. 20 mins later it was announced the second tower was hit. I raced home to turn on the TV for the news, called my family in the east coast. That day no one knew what to do or how to react. Adults, teens, elderly, where were all in our own forms of shock.

What I remember was in our darkest hour the day after 9/12. It didn’t matter if you were a Democrat, Republican, African, Mexican, Caucasian, Asian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, that day we were all Americans. Flags sold out, united we stand was on every message board on every highway. There was no prouder time to be an American, and the world felt our sorrow, and shared tears with us. We gained strength by standing together, for a brief period in time people were suddenly a lot kinder to one and other. Neighbors walked outside and spoke to one and other. Some sought to turn to hate, and blame, but those fires were quickly extinguished with love.

In the weeks passing we came together as one country, one republic with one goal. Stand together, stand strong, stand proud, stand up for what’s right, stand up against evil. I look back and I celebrate 9/12, the triumph over the adversity, the pride of the Red, White and Blue.

Today we’re a figment of that, and there’s a new generation will graduate that wasn’t born. Our country has lost that unity, hate and divide are prevalent. Not only are they prevalent but it’s encourage from both sides, all races and creed. To that generation I say don’t worry, for every yin there’s a yang and to every dusk there’s a new dawn.

We are that new dawn. Be the change you want to see. It starts with taking the initiative to go above and beyond on a small scale. Be kind to one more person, hold one more door, help one more neighbor, listen to one more conversion, and have that friendly debate.

To my generation it’s time to grab the torch, to start leading the light to a better dawn, to return to civility, and respect. It’s incumbent upon us at this time more than ever, no matter what our beliefs. A man once called our country that bright shiny star on the hill and we’re not too far away. Another said ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

To the older generation, thank you. You’ve done an amazing job in this relay, and you continue to do an amazing job. Help us take the torch, we’re ready, the time is now, and the time is today.


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