Outsourcing Sites

By December 16, 20197,416 Comments

I’ve had the opportunity explore the world of freelancing both on the employer side, as well as the freelancer side. There’s a few major players out there that I’ve used, and contracted with from Fiverr, Upwork, FreeUP, and Get Leverage. Of the 4 I only hired out some work off of Fiverr, simple things like graphics, etc.

Of the 3 Upwork recently began charging for freelancers to use their site as of last year. I hired a few projects out with items like email lists, to moving data. I didn’t find the best people on it, and even looked into contracting for it but never really saw a good opportunity.

Freeeup of the the 4 is my favorite as a freelancer, and to hire out freelancers. They’re organized with a good solid system and process. The support team is a available 24/7, and the quality of work, and freelancers is A+. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to explore outsourcing.

Finally Get Leverage, I found it to be a rather expensive entry at 8000, to 32,000. In addition I found them to be often stretched too thin. I also wouldn’t recommend them for the cost of entry, as well as the lack of company culture and organization.

Of the 4 I endorse freeup.net, you’ll have a great experience and there’s always people that are willing to help.