Personal Development

Above And Beyond

By June 28, 201917,944 Comments

We can choose not to take action, or we can choose to become significant. It’s that simple.

I want to tell you about what made the biggest change in my life. I realized that I needed to change the people I surrounded myself with.

A year ago, I was visiting Denver, Colorado. I had a business partner who was quite well off with several flourishing businesses. One day we were getting food and somebody else had left $40 at the self-checkout. He took it. A minute later the lady who had left it behind came back. She was frantic about the $40 she’d lost but instead of handing it back, he pretended he didn’t have it. I turned to him and said, “You’d better give that back or we’re going to have some problems.”

Whether that was a learning experience for him or not, I don’t know. But it certainly was for me. It made me realize that I want to surround myself with people that share my values, my virtues, and my integrity.

Entrepreneurs often say you are the sum of the five people that you surround yourself with. A few years ago, I had surrounded myself with people that dragged me down. They didn’t want to support my greatness, my aspirations and the person I wanted to become. I was depressed, I was down, I was overweight, I didn’t want to get off the couch.

Both in this example and the example of my business partner, the people around me didn’t change. They didn’t suddenly become different people. Instead, I realized I needed a different environment and I went looking for it. As a result, my life completely did a complete 180. My action threw me in a whole new direction and the universe responded with abundance.

I now have the right mentors, people who have multimillion-dollar businesses and want to show me how it’s done. I have the right coaches to help me take myself and my business to the next level. I have good friends that cheer me on, but also tell it like it is.

I believe that we’re all made up of the same energy or matter. Whether you believe in a higher power or the power of the universe, there is something that links us all together. Everything happens for a reason and everything is a lesson. Another lesson I’ve learned from changing my environment is that you have to give up the good enough to find the great. When I split with my business partner there was loss involved. I had to give up part of my business. But I now have a business and a life that’s more aligned with who I am.