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Jeff Lavin

Former Pro Athlete | High Performance Life & Business Strategist

Hello, I’m Jeff ” The Shredneck” Lavin,  snowboarder, surfer, best selling author with my book Get Awesome Above and Beyond: Where Passions Meet Purpose, and inspirational speaker and brand founder…..but most important  I’m an Adventurepreneur creating more free range humans. Helping you find your true north, charting a navigational direction ( systems ), recruiting and hiring a crew ( processes ).

My team and I at Get Awesome have some pretty cool things going on that we’re stoked to share with you. From Influencer Academy where we share our big 3 mindset, systems, and processes. To our amazing Adventurepreneur retreats which are opposite of another mastermind, conference where you sit on your butt. We push the limits and do the things that make your butthole pucker achieving the flow state.

I’m excited to help you crush it in life and business creating  a subtable lifestyle business that’s leveraged. You’ll find a bunch of great training here. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your success story. Let’s GET AWESOME


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Influencer Academy

We focus on 3 things Mindset, Systems, and Processes to build your business into an asset instead of a pain in the ass! 

It all starts with Mindset, where we talk about personal development, to movement, nutrition, sleep, everything that makes you the best you. Then we dive into Systems in Automation Domination we show you email automation ( CRM ), Landing pages and funnels, paid and organic traffic, and facebook chat sequences. To Branding. Then it’s time to scale, with processes like creating your playbook or blueprint for new team members.