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Jeff ” The Shredneck “ Lavin

AdventurePreneur | Free Range Human

Hello, I’m Jeff “The Shredneck” Lavin – an adventurous spirit who seamlessly blends his passions for snowboarding, surfing, and writing. Not only am I the author of the best-selling book “Get Awesome Above and Beyond: Where Passions Meet Purpose,” but I am also a sought-after inspirational speaker and founder of the Adventurepreneur brand. My mission is to empower individuals to lead a free-range lifestyle, where they can pursue their passions and reach their full potential.

To support this mission, I lead the Free Range Human Community at AdventurePreneur, where I share my proven big 3 approach, which combines mindset, systems, and processes. This approach helps individuals identify their true north, chart a course towards success, and achieve their goals. Moreover, I host “Kick A$$” retreats, which offer a unique and active approach to achieving the flow state by pushing boundaries and challenging oneself.

In addition to my passion for personal growth and development, I am a seasoned professional in the world of private equity and investing. With extensive experience in portfolio management, market analysis, and identifying high-growth opportunities, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. I also offer growth consulting services to help businesses reach new heights and maximize their potential.

Furthermore, I sit on the board of several companies and organizations, bringing a unique perspective and valuable insights to the table. My well-rounded education in both personal and financial growth makes me a valuable asset for those seeking to build a sustainable lifestyle business.

You’ll find valuable training and resources here to help you achieve your goals, and I am excited to hear about your success. Let’s Get Awesome and SEND IT!


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Our approach to business building is centered around three key elements: Mindset, Systems, and Processes. We believe that by focusing on these areas, businesses can transform from a source of frustration to a valuable asset.

We start with Mindset, where we cover a wide range of topics related to personal development, from exercise and nutrition to sleep and mental wellness. This sets the foundation for success.

Next, we move on to Systems, where we delve into Automation Domination. Here, we teach you the skills you need to automate your business, including email automation (CRM), landing pages and funnels, paid and organic traffic, and Facebook chat sequences. Branding is also a key aspect of this stage.

Finally, it’s time to scale. We provide guidance on creating a blueprint or playbook for new team members, as well as advanced strategies like partnerships, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. This ensures that your business continues to grow and thrive.