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What is Nutrigenmonics

By April 2, 202011,722 Comments

Nerding out today, and figured I’d share. I’ve been learning about nutrigenomics since 2006 to best optimize my vitality when I was competing as a snowboarder. Then I had a few injuries requiring surgery ( back to back ACL reconstruction ) and rehab. In addition found I was best optimized by following essentially a paleo diet.

Life slowed down and as a result I had to. I wanted to stay in best shape as I was making my comeback over the course of the 18 months. My journey led to me studying personal training, kinesiology and most important nutrition. Since I was going to have a bit of down time the only thing I could control was what I was putting in my body.

What is is nutrigenomics? It’s the study of how plants, natural compounds, and foods affect our genome, or the genome food interface as it’s defined. Think of it like an engine, the engine is only as good as the fuel the we put in it. Likewise our bodies are only as good as what we consume as it’s meant for us for our best optimization.

There’s a reason why when we eat good nutritious foods that we feel better, and vice versa when we over indulge on stuff that’s not good for us we feel the affects.