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Be connected with your athletes. Work locally and remotely, provide them with all they need to reach their performance pick and goals. Let The Life make the success of your Athletes!
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A complete performance management platform for your teams.

For coaches
A simple and intuitive solution to follow your customers face-to-face and remotely. 

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Follow and share with your patients in a complete and user-friendly platform.
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The Life 
All performance data in one place
Manage all your athletes data in real time with tools designed and approved by professionals for professionals.Workout plans takes time. Use The Life planning tools to design, create and assign all your training programs easily and rapidly.The Life is where everything happens is tracked. You can easily track on the field and off the field training. Questionnaires, RPE Workload, Stress and Recovery at hands.
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The Life is the most detailed platform that allows me to track my clients results, and helps keep me organized in a fast paced on the go lifestyle. 
Jeff Lavin, Snowboarder, Coach, and Speaker
I use and participate in the deployment of The Life. It makes it possible to establish individualized programs by facilitating the monitoring of athletes and the sports / coach relationship.

Guy Ontanon, Athletics coach and speaker
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