My Story

Below is a picture that better suits me, workout attire! With a relocation from the midwest to the east coast, WI->ME to open my eyes to new opportunities in the snowboarding world and life. Although I dreamed of being an electrician and tradesman since age 2, life had another plan. I know it’s totally backwards!  At age 12 I started snowboarding, and by age 16 I was coaching at the local hill Alpine Valley, WI. I subscribed to a lot of the dream stealers telling me I couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t. When I moved east I found the opposite group of people telling me I could, should and must. My attitude changed, and so did my life at that point. As an athlete I came to conclusion that I was a disposable hero. I needed some skin in the game too. 7 years ago I started my snowboard brand WI-ME Snowboards.

I learned a lot the first few years doing every role from accounting, graphics, marketing, product development, supply chains, logistics, and talent aquisition. While running a snowboard brand is a dream, it’s a tough market and seasonal business unless you’re one of the big brands. That meant I had to work side gigs to fund my business. From using my CAD skills to design more complicated products, to assisting emerging brands. The blueprint was established. At that point I created an international trading company to assist others. Around the same time I also got involved with a health and wellness company to get back and stay in shape. Now I’m looking to share my experience and help more people grow! My name is Jeff and I’m your friend.