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Are you are seeking that next level in snowboarding or life? Great let me help you get there! As rider for 25 plus years. I’m an AASI level three coach, AAIRE level 2 certified, additionally I have certifications in personal training and sports performance. Having been there, doing double corks in the mid 2000s, and top level tricks when I was competing. I know what it takes physically and mentally. Feel free to reach out to learn more, I’d love to talk with you and your goals.  
Woodward at Copper is one of my favorite places to train at with athletes. I was a pleasure to help build this in 2008, and be an coach and athlete in their inaugural season.

Of course, we know there are countless benefits to exercise!

Improved mood and mental health; Increased Energy; Weight Control; Increases strength of bones and muscles; Decreased risk for health conditions and disease…

The list can go on and on.

Majority of individuals think of fitness as the primary component when trying to reach a health or fitness goal.

Truthfully, your mindset, nutrition, and adrenal health need to be on point in order to reap the benefits of a fitness regimen. Those three components lay a solid foundation for a fitness program to be implemented.

Fitness needs can vary drastically from person to person. Your current state of health, stress level, and genetic predisposition (just to name a few) affect your fitness routine parameters.

It is not necessary for every individual to workout 5 days a week for 90 minute sessions. A 60-min cardio session isn’t necessarily more productive than a 20 min cardio session. Some people benefit from heavier lifts, while others should lift for endurance.

All too often we tend to adapt the mindset of “The more, the better. The harder, the better.” That isn’t necessarily the case. Without an appropriately structured fitness program, you could actually do yourself more harm than good.

It’s important to exercise in the correct manner, implementing a program that is designed specifically for you, your goals, your health status, and your ability level. No matter what equipment (if any) you have available to you, and no matter how much time you have, Jeff can create a customized fitness program that compliments your goal!

Work out coaching – $50-75 WK


The EVERYTHING package. FIVE workouts sent every week. Weekly check ins, dietary analysis, recipes, caloric adjustments, and grocery assistance.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.” Your body is an incredible machine. With the proper nutrition, you can take your health to unimaginable levels! The quality of your nutrition overflows into every other component of your health. It must be a priority! We’ve all heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen!” That’s because nutrition triumphs all! You can be a cardio bunny or even pull ‘two-a-days’ in the gym, but you just cannot out-train a poor diet. Not only does poor nutrition affect your physique, but it affects every other mechanism and function within the body. From your mood and energy level, to your blood pressure and gut health, YOUR BODY RELIES ON GOOD NUTRITION to function properly. Macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and hydration all work synergistically. Without the proper consumption of each of these components, your body will only go so far. It will only perform to a certain level. Without proper nutrition, it is only a matter of time before you start to implement permanent damage to your body. We’re absolutely setting ourselves up for failure if we set a health or fitness goal and choose not to take the nutritional component seriously. You can’t afford NOT to make it a priority. So then, where do we start? Keto, Vegan, Primal, Paleo, Mediterranean, South Beach, Raw Food…AHHHH! The options can be overwhelming! It seems as if every day there is a new diet out there that claims to bring the greatest results. Maybe your friend reached their 50 lb weight-loss goal by following the primal diet, but you tried it and your measurements didn’t budge one bit! You can’t help but wonder, “What is wrong with me?!” You feel like you’re at the end of your health rope. Your metabolism must be broken, right? WRONG! Your body is a miraculous machine! You just need to follow a nutritional plan that is structured for YOU and YOUR body. Remember, fads and gimmicks are just that! You need a PLAN that is realistic and maintainable so you can hop off of that health roller coaster. So, Jeff creates a customized nutritional plan that is designed for YOU, your time availability, your schedule, and your food preferences.

Nutrition coaching only – 50 wk

Nutrition Coaching

Weekly dietary analysis, caloric/macro adjustments, recipes, and grocery assistance.



The EVERYTHING package. FIVE workouts sent every week. Weekly check ins, dietary analysis, recipes, caloric adjustments, and grocery assistance.