An Adventure: Tahoe to Wisco

By February 12, 2023No Comments
What’s up everyone! Just checking in from the road. A few years back, I scored my dream whip when I was just 16 and I was frothing. Even though it was a bit of a project, I was hyped to have a bimmer. My ultimate goal was to score it in the West and shred it back to Wisco. Well, a few days ago, mission accomplished!
I kicked off the journey in Tahoe, cruising through Reno on my way to the sick peaks. I hung there for a few days, braving the low digit temps and scoring some gnarly runs during the storm. After connecting with my homies, I loaded up the BM trouble U, swapped the ZR 19s for some studded snow tires and hit the road.
On Tuesday, I set sail, packing all my tools and tow straps in case of any 22-year-old German car problems. But she ran like a dream, bro. At Bonneville salt flats, I linked up with a sick convoy and cruised at a gnarly pace. I called it a night once I hit Salt Lake City.
Next stop, Wyoming, and all that wind. Then Nebraska, long, flat, and straight as an arrow. My alignment was on point and I barely had to touch the wheel. But I did get pulled over early in the morning when the wind was gnarly, but I made instant friends with the cop. He was frothing on the story and a car guy too.
The next day, I finally made it back to Wisco, shredding through the gnarly roads with my snow tires. Who knows how many more cannonball runs I have in front of me, but there’s definitely more behind me.
Coming back to Janesville, my hometown, is a treat, brah. It’s gnarly to see my childhood friends who I consider my family. And getting to lap with Crazy Stevie at one of our old spots was the ultimate bonus.
And now, I’m sitting on my couch, prepping for a food coma after scoring a 28″ pie from Jim’s Pizza. Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow, let’s hope both teams lose, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚