Hello, I'm Jeff . I am a former competitive snowboarder, coach, and motivational speaker. A product of snowboarding and lifestyle sports since age 3. On the professional level as instructor since 16, and competition level at 19 to 25. After my competition career I began working in the snowsports industry in marketing and branding creating my own snowboard brand. The past 9 years I've been focused on product development and design. Along with an emphasis on social media marketing and influencing. I’ve been coaching since 2006 with athletes, and clients to reach their goals. In 2015 I expanded to coaching individuals and business owners to get their desired results I created WI-ME snowboards to give back to the snowboard community. Our pillars are values, virtues, and integrity. How we practice these is by first giving back to causes like fighting cancer, suicide awareness which is prevalent in mountain towns, women’s health, and getting more women in the industry. Second is we create community by having live events, coaching, trips, and providing as much value as possible. Third we innovate, and are always looking forward to making the best and lightest snowboards. Helping people and businesses be better than they were yesterday to be the best version of themselves tomorrow. It’s my purpose in life to connect whether it’s one on one, speaking, or connecting people to what or who they need to meet. I began coaching snowboarding in 1999. After my first knee surgery I became a personal trainer, after my competitive snowboard career ended I started coaching athletes. Then I started my own snowboard brand to get them and myself more exposure. In 2014 I realized I had a blueprint of creating products and created a system to help new and emerging brands. In 2015 I began coaching business and individuals on their goals. It's incumbent upon us to carry the torch and lead ourselves and our posterity into the light! I believe the best time is right now because the best is yet to come.


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